How to Get The Most When Selling Your Home

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The key to a successful home sale is preparation. Start by organizing your home, disposing of any clutter, and getting rid of dirty dishes in the sink. The more space there is and the cleaner it looks, the higher their offer on your house. Next comes pricing – this is crucial to how much you will get for your house. The price you ask for should be less than what other comparable homes have gone for in your area but be as close as possible to their going rate so that it’s competitive.

When you sell your home in Thailand, treat it like a showroom. Make sure it is pristine and has a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re short of time, consider hiring professional cleaners to give it the deep clean that your home needs. Remember to de-personalize the house when ready to put it up for sale; remove all family photos, children’s artwork, and personal items so buyers can imagine their tastes in the rooms.

The next step is doing the right amount of research into potential buyers. Look at the sellers’ profiles on sites to get an idea of what they are looking for. The more you know about those who might be interested in your property, the better prepared you will be. Knowing the demographics and lifestyles of other people in your neighborhood is also helpful in pricing your house. Market demographics include age groups, income levels, and family sizes, so check this information before setting a price for your home.

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Make sure that you have a professional photographer come by your house just before it goes up on sale so that any possible buyer will see it looking its best online or in print advertisements. For example, you could have your home professionally photographed in the afternoon when the sun is high and shining directly into the rooms. Viewers are more likely to notice the details so avoid putting on too much makeup or styling your hair! Being entirely presentable is just as important as having a nicely staged house.

Once you’ve done all this and your house is on sale, it’s time to start marketing it. The right place, to begin with is online advertising. Nowadays, almost everyone begins searching for a new home online, which is an excellent way to reach a broad audience. You can try using sites like Zillow or Trulia to market your home if it’s listed.

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